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Skills and specialties include Visual Production, Production Consultation, Intricate Problem Solving, Marketing Planner, Market Predictions, Creative Engineering, Photography, Sales Training, Sales Tactics, Financial Advising, Web Design, Behavioral and Analytical Psychology.



We've worked with such companies as PayPal, eBay, Ghost Armor, Nanoveu, eyefly 3D, Nikon, Visalus, Buckle, iFixit, XDA Developers, ZIK Analytics, NOW Nutrition, Mad Jacks Concrete, Valvoline, Muscle Car Magazine, Present Tense Investments, and The Chicago Toy Company to name a few.



With 10+ years of experience, we have contributed to numerous projects that have helped clients achieve their goals whether that be in expansion, or sales volume or personal growth. Currently available for taking on new work. Contact us below and get in touch.

From Our Founder


I honestly can't imagine just being sedentary and am always trying to do something productive. When I  was young I was always trying to find different ways to do something just so I could be unique. Because I am competitive, it made me want to work harder just to get that feeling of accomplishment. That carried on to my work life. It's not usually accepted working for someone, so I decided to work for myself. Upon that, I love helping others fix issues that make it unique to them. Everyone deserves to live their best life and shouldn't spend it any other way.


I've tried many things on my way to where I am today. From running a fabrication company, to a multi store cell phone accessory company, all the way to running a clothing line and entertainment company, I've taken experience from it all. Currently I travel the US consulting with companies independently helping them figure out how to properly market products to the younger "millennial" generation. I also run a production company that invests in small time movies as well as consult with writers to make sure their psychology matches the actuality of what they are writing. Currently though my main point of focus is e-commerce where I'm rapidly building a large scale store presence which is growing quickly from my capabilities with marketing and consumer knowledge.



Reach out to us with any questions or inquiries you may have

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